In today's world, most of us recognize the importance of producing organic and eco friendly products. It is the need of the hour! Although the idea of making these products might have crossed many of our minds, very few people take that step into making that idea a reality.

We at "The Eco Store" interact and engage with such people who are extremely committed towards the cause of making this world a better place.

The people and organizations who we deal with are full time farmers, part time farmers, ex-IT professionals, farmer producer companies, ngo's and artisans. They all have one thing in common, that is to make available healthy food or an earth friendly product to the consumers.

Here are profiles of few Individuals/Organizations who we work with.

For Organic Vegetables

The success of the idea of growing vegetables, rice, pulses and other food products with no chemicals and pesticides depends on how well the farmer has implemented the organic farming practices.

This unique farm is where one can find an economic and ecological farming model in practice. This farmer is deeply spiritual and has had a successful IT career before. He is working towards revitalizing organic farming and wants his farm to be learning and training place for many young farmers.

Organic farmers collective: is one of the pioneer groups in promoting sustainable agriculture as a way of life in the farming community. They train and support hundreds of farmers to do organic farming. We also buy our organic rice and other pulses from them.

Many other individual farmers.

Groceries & Staples, Personal Care, Ready to Eat

We support several Self help groups, Trust and Individuals who produce high quality products. Besides this, we also offer to our customers the best of selective branded products. Every brand is specialized in a few products. Over the years, we have studied and selected just these.

Bread Dairy and Eggs

We source our bakery items from a social enterprise whose founder is interested in making artisan healthy wholesome breads. The breads are made on the same day that they are sold.

Our milk products are sourced from an organization working to promote Indian desi cow milk also called "A2 milk", which has been proven to have multiple health benefits.

Personal Care

Besides sourcing from well known brands, we engage many individuals and social enterprises who make excellent organic cosmetic products.

One of our vendors is a social enterprise located in Uttarakhand with two decades of experience in grassroots development. It touched lives of 50,000 people living in that community.

Another organization that we deal with is committed to providing safe, healthy, earth-friendly products. They make handcrafted body care, cleaners & detergents free from chemicals and with minimal processing to preserve the purity and complexity of ingredients.

Waste Management

With waste management becoming a huge challenge in our urban spaces, a deep change in our mindsets is needed. We have partnered with an organization that has pioneered in making products to decentralize waste management in homes, communities, offices and public spaces.

Art & Craft

Several artisans across the country who make world class eco friendly products made out of materials like Terracotta, Wood and Stone are our partners.

We are proudly associated with many other such wonderful people and organizations. Our main criterion in identifying people who we source from is the amount of passion and commitment they bring along.

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It is our constant endeavour to add a wide range of exclusive products to our selection. If you have an idea or a product that contributes to the health and environment, please get in touch with us. We can work together!

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