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You are seeing our products in the area

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“Eco Store” – Promoting healthy lifestyle since 2012

Set up in 2012, “Eco Store” was started with an intention to give back something good to society. The founder spent most part of his life working in a corporate environment. The entrepreneur journey was new and intimidating.
Thanks to the support at home and his willingness to walk on the road less travelled, “Eco Store” is now a trusted brand for organic, natural and eco-friendly products.
The first retail store was established in HSR Layout, to the south of Bangalore. The business promotes and sells products that are earth friendly !
Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is to provide sales channels to rural farmers, artisans, and women groups who make these high-quality products, which are eco-friendly and organic in nature.

Our Principles

Like our commodities, our business principles are clean and simple. We are committed to offering our customers a convenient and affordable service, healthy food choices and socially responsible business practices rooted in local communities, while contributing to a greener, cleaner environment.

In addition to the brick and mortar stores (HSR Layout, Ulsoor, Bellary), we do have an e-commerce portal (www.theecostore.in) to accept online orders.

Our products include chemical-free fruits & vegetables, organic rice, millets, pulses, flours, honey, desi ghee, spices, personal care products, maida free bread, A2 milk, eggs, organic gardening products etc.

Healthy Food - A shift in customers’ expectations

Over the last several years, there is a vast change in people’s mentality to consume healthy food. Back in 2012, the question that our customers used to ask us was “What is organic?”. Now the question is “Is this really organic?”

Wanting to know what is meant by “organic” in 2012, to now being determined to consume healthy food, but wary of its source is a huge shift in customers’ expectations. The customer now is knowledgeable and wants to know the source before they buy the product.

The principle of polarity says that “good” cannot exist without the “bad”. The “good” in this case is people’s willingness to consume food that is natural and good to the body. The “bad” comes when this becomes pure business and means to earn more and more profit.

Even after so much awareness and initiatives taken by several well intended organizations and individuals, the supply side hasn’t grown on par with the demand. Hence the problem starts when a business sets revenue goals that exceeds the “capacity” to supply authentic, uncompromised food to its consumers. This forces the business to cut corners and get exposed ultimately.

We at “Eco Store” are well aware of these trends. We firmly believe in the phrase “small is beautiful”. We currently have (after nine years) two physical stores in Bangalore and one franchise in Bellary.

The trigger for expansion comes only when we meet a like-minded person who has the passion to promote organic (like Bellary franchise) OR when we come across a farmer (s) who is/are genuine.

While we are on a continuous quest to explore new products and bring them to lime light, we solicit your feedback.

Please feel free to reach out and suggest to us aspects that could be improved upon and let us know of any new products that you would like to see in the store.

You can send your feedback to info@theecostore.in or call 98455 46602