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Many people consider millet as the bird feed, but it is highly nutritious for humans as well. It is gluten free diet with a sweet nutty flavour.

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Hits: 281 Comment: 3 Created : 18 Jul 2016

Chocolate is favourite for many of us. Some may call it as a dessert, some as a junk food, some as a snack or a sweet.

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Hits: 224 Comment: 0 Created : 18 Jul 2016

Do your share in managing household waste. Read on to know more!

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Hits: 2062 Comment: 1 Created : 26 Apr 2016

Did you know that reusable cotton pads are far better than the synthetic pads? Read on to know more about reusable cotton pads.

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Hits: 712 Comment: 1 Created : 24 Mar 2016

 Bhuira Village and its Jam Connect

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Hits: 518 Comment: 0 Created : 08 Mar 2016

Organic Cotton – All that you wanted to know

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Hits: 344 Comment: 0 Created : 03 Mar 2016
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