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Bead Loom-Active Hand click
Bead Loom-Active Hand Close
Bead Loom-Active Hand
Learn the ancient craft of weaving beads in different patterns on our specially created looms. Try your hand at fun and challenging projects to create bracelets, bands and more. Age Group: For all ages over 9
485.00 485.00
Boxes, Bags & Frames-Active Hand click
Boxes, Bags & Frames-Active Hand Close
Boxes, Bags & Frames-Active Hand
Hands-on, simple yet stunning ideas to personalise your gifts and ease your packaging woes. Learn the basics of construction of 3 different Gift boxes, Paper bag and a Picture frames.
275.00 275.00
Dried Press Flower-Active Hand click
Dried Press Flower-Active Hand Close
Dried Press Flower-Active Hand
Learn to identify leaves and flowers in your surrounding and preserve them for eternity in our pressing unit. Use your collection to create cards, coasters, bookmarks, etc. Suitable for all ages over 6
425.00 425.00
Fab Accessories - Active Hand click
Fab Accessories - Active Hand Close
Fab Accessories - Active Hand
RE-fashion fabrics into fabulous, trendy accessories to use on hair, jewelery, clothing or shoes. All it needs is creative thinking and enthusiasm to stitch. Includes materials and instruction for 4-5 different projects. 
325.00 325.00
Handmade Paper-Active Hand click
Handmade Paper-Active Hand Close
Handmade Paper-Active Hand
Recycle used paper to create new paper using a wooden screen. There’s no end to the variety of textures you can create using petals, seeds, tea leaves and other things around you. Make little notepads, cards, tags etc. Suitable for all ages over 6
485.00 485.00
Herbal Tie & Dye-Active Hand click
Herbal Tie & Dye-Active Hand Close
Herbal Tie & Dye-Active Hand
Learn different techniques of tying a cloth to create varied patterns. Discover how colours from nature can be fixed onto fabrics to transform them. Its great pleasure to use your own tie- dyed creations like scarves and napkins. Age Group: For all ages over 9
425.00 425.00
Weaving Loom-Active Hand click
Weaving Loom-Active Hand Close
Weaving Loom-Active Hand
Learn to weave on this wooden lap loom. It’s not just about trying out different weaves and materials but there's something about the back and forth motion that is soothing and creative at the same time. Create coasters, mobile covers, bags and more. Age Group: For all ages over 9
485.00 485.00
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